About the Round the World Race

The Flight Simulator Around-The-World Race is an annual event conducted between the top flight simulation websites. Enthusiasts from each site gather online to fly their team's virtual baton around the world as fast as possible. The race was first run in 2003. From the beginning, the race has been an open contest with the simple objective of having fun. It is administered by a small executive committee of a few enthusiasts.

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Currently, three websites field teams for the race. They are:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has the final authority in running the race. It creates, modifies, and interprets the race charter and rules. The members of this committee are listed below. Please feel free to click on their names in order to contact them via our forum.
Mike MacKuen / Rob Ibey / Eamonn Watson

Round the World Race Rules

The rules for the Race are divided into two parts. The first part, the General Rules and Charter, is intended to stay the same from year to year. The second part of the rules is known as the Special Rules and Routing and will vary from year to year.

RTW Race General Rules and Charter

The General Rules and Charter of the RTW Race may be found here.
A FAQ for the General Rules and Charter may be found here.
RTW Whitelist may be found here.

2019 RTWR Rules

2019 RTWR Special Rules Final Release v1.00
2019 RTWR Race Administration Final Release v1.00

How Do I Join??

We have compiled an information page specifically for new pilots or for people looking to join

Introduction To RTW

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